The “Gardner Athletic Guard”

Comfort, Protection, and Value Designed Specifically for Sports

Many of us engage in contact sports that can serve to keep us in excellent athletic shape but when unexpected sudden impacts happen to our face and mouth, it can spell the end to our beautiful smile and appearance.

Athletic mouth guards are just what is needed to protect our teeth against sudden impact. The trouble is, many of them are quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear and take a lot of getting used to. The self-fitted ones that are simply boiled and worn can even detract from the enjoyment of the sport due to the discomfort they create!

These are the features of the “Gardner Athletic Guard”

  • This athletic mouth guard has almost no inside bulk or material on the roof of the mouth at all and is dramatically more comfortable to wear than most.

  • It provides full front protection against impacts like any other guard as well as full coverage over the biting surfaces at the back of the mouth in case of a fall or whiplash style impact.

  • It is much easier to talk and communicate with it in.

  • It is easier to breathe while wearing it since the tongue is free to sit where it belongs and is not forced back into the airway due to the normal bulk of most mouth guards on the roof of the mouth.

  • It is carefully formed to the biting surfaces upper and lower. This means that the jaws are much more comfortable and the bite feels solid and “stabilized”. This is an important bracing feature when impacts and falls occur during sports activities.

  • It comes in a variety of colors including clear.

  • It is extremely smooth and highly polished and can many last years for most adults.

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