Are You Having Trouble With Your Old Mouth Guard?

New Night Guard offers Comfort, Protection and Value

Your old mouth guard may no longer be right for you!

Dr. Gardner’s Night Guard is a low-profile, sleep apnea friendly night guard available exclusively through our office.

It’s incredible how many of us grind and clench our teeth. Many of us do this subconsciously and in our sleep causing all sorts of damage to our teeth! Grinding our teeth can break our teeth, and even our fillings and crowns. It can cause receding gums, ringing in the ears, headaches, and intense pain and inflammation in the area around the ear that can even spread to our neck and shoulders and trigger migraines as well.

We grind our teeth for many different reasons or even combinations of reasons. This can cause us much expense and misery. We mostly grind our teeth due to the stresses of modern daily life. These can be due to our jobs, commuting and traffic issues, our finances and even family concerns as well. We can also grind our teeth and jaws due to sleep apnea, poor breathing and snoring at night.

Sound familiar? Grinding will often result if we are in pain with some part of our body such as our back, or our joints. It can start occurring if we’ve had surgery recently or need surgery and if we’ve had a whiplash accident or sports injury.

An old mouth guard may be causing you discomfort.  We can fit you with a new comfortable night guard that can make a tremendous improvement in your life. You don’t have to live with all of these negative symptoms!   Dr. Gardner’s night guard helps prevent future damage caused by grinding of the teeth. A little investment now can save you thousands in dental bills later!

These are the features of the “Gardner Night Guard”

  • It is incredibly thin and comfortable to wear. Hundreds of patients have told us that once they get it, they never want to be without it! Incredibly, many call it their best friend. In most cases, it is only 1-2 mm thick at the back.

  • It protects your teeth, fillings, and crowns against wear and breakage.

  • It is flexible and not super rigid and hard. This allows for much greater comfort and a little “shock absorption”. It warms and adapts to the teeth with body heat and feels more like a supportive orthotic rather than a hard stone surface. Because of this, it is very easy to adapt to and wear.

  • It is fitted with a “relaxed comfort fit”. This means it is not super tight at all and extremely comfortable since it doesn’t give a feeling of a “grip” on the teeth. It simply holds beautifully and leaves almost no pressure on the teeth; just a wonderful feeling of support.

  • It does not cover the roof of the mouth at all in the back areas, and this prevents a gaging feeling. The tongue can now sit nicely in the mouth where it wants to. This is a huge comfort benefit and allows easy and quick adaptation to it. After all, you can only receive the value and protection of the mouth guard if you are comfortable enough to wear it!

  • It gives a wonderful feeling of support and comfort much like an orthotic device in your shoe might give you. It supports the teeth, facial muscles, and jaw joints and relieves pain, inflammation and muscle tension. In some cases, this support can help to prevent and improve ringing in the ears.

  • It doesn’t cover the front surfaces of the front teeth at all, and this allows the lips to come together naturally and this can help to keep the mouth closed and moist at night. This also means that it almost doesn’t show when it is worn.

  • Sleep apnea and snoring are a big deal for many of us these days. The “Gardner Guard” allows the tongue to be in a comfortable position since there is no inside bulk at all at the back areas or on the back of the roof of the mouth. Due to this feature, it doesn’t force the tongue backward in the mouth away from bulky acrylic and interferes with the airway which can make breathing, sleep apnea and snoring worse.

  • It lasts 4 to 6 years or more and is easily cleaned at home. As well, we clean it for free when it’s needed in our ultrasonic cleaner when our patients are in to have their teeth cleaned as well at their checkup appointments.

  • Since it supports the muscles and skin of the face and prevents the grinding down and shortening of the teeth over time, it also prevents overclosure of the jaws and this may prevent some of the wrinkling of the face. (A worn down smile and premature wrinkling is a sure sign of aging).

  • It is made of an incredible vinyl material called Bruxese which is BPA free.

Side effects of grinding of the teeth include:

  • Tooth loss

  • Tooth fractures

  • Tooth drifting

  • Cartilage wear

  • Crown fractures

  • Abfraction wear of the teeth

  • Abfraction bone loss and gum recession

  • Headaches

  • Restriction of jaw opening

  • Sore teeth

  • Premature bone loss around implants

  • Muscle spasms

  • Sore neck

  • Ringing in the ears

Dr. Gardner’s low profile night guard prevents teeth against breakage, fractures, drifting and will provide shock absorption to manage tooth grinding. The night guard also has an orthotic function to support the jaws and the muscles of the face and neck. Normally the night guard will be made thicker and cover the roof of the mouth or the front of the teeth, our night guard is a low profile and comfortable design.

Grinding of the teeth is one of the leading causes of tooth loss resulting in expensive implant work or dentures. They can begin to look like stubs…

Dr. Gardner’s night guard will help you to maintain a healthy and attractive smile and prevent excessive wear and tear on your teeth. Contact the office today for your consultation and fitting of Dr. Gardner’s proprietary night guard.

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