The Hollywood Makeover

Are you ready to have the smile that you’ve always dreamed of? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our office has been creating incredible smiles and changing lives for over 4 decades. By using the latest techniques, we have turned smiles makeovers to an art.

Dr. Gardner knows how to make the process easy, reliable and pain free. It all begins with a consult appointment. We talk and evaluate what’s possible and answer all your questions. No matter how nice your smile is, chances are we can make it better. No matter how “not so nice” your smile is, we have likely seen and fixed it all before. We have the before and after pictures, and the testimonials, to prove it

We have done it all: from models, magazine covers, athletes and sports heroes, singers, performers and actors. No matter how great you already look, you will be surprised at the improvement that we can offer you. When we charge your smile for the better, we also change your life for the better! Confidence, comfort and pizzaz! You will look and feel so much better. No matter how confident and self-assured you are, you will now be able to walk into a room and never fail to impress. Business, romance, you name it. A great smile generates confidence and success.

One of our most attractive features can be our teeth and our smile. Studies have shown that the opposite sex will often notice our eyes and teeth first before any of our other features! This also applies to everyone else that we interact with every day including our friends, co-workers, and our partners and family members. Our smiles leave a lasting impression of who we are and of our youth, health, and vitality. A healthy, radiant smile makes us appear attractive and can give us confidence and bring us success in our lives in many ways.

When our smile isn’t right though, we cannot look our best. A smile makeover can make a tremendous difference in our appearance and our confidence as a result. This can reap benefits for our self-esteem and give us a newfound advantage when it comes to both our personal and business lives. A complete smile makeover can be costly and time-consuming, so it really helps to be offered some practical alternatives that can give us most of the benefits without the time and the cost of full treatment.

A Radiant Smile

In June 2016 Dr. Gardner did a makeover feature for the cover of Elevate Magazine. Summer was the model they choose for a Hollywood Smile.  “She naturally has a generous and inviting smile,” however that means any small problems with color and crowding issues are on full display. With the help of Dr. Gardner, he was able to alleviate the minor tooth rotation and crowding that were holding her back from the perfect smile.

The Hollywood Smile

Dr. Gardner provided Summer with what he calls the $700 Hollywood Smile., an alternative to an extensive full-on cosmetic makeover that is much more costly. The process involves adjusting misalignments and asymmetries in the teeth to make the smile symmetrical and to push the color to the maximum that’s believable and radiant.

This was done through detailed shaping and re-contouring of the teeth, resulting in rebalancing and realignment of the smile. This was followed by a take-home bleaching treatment with extra bleach to push the color of her teeth into the optimal range.This process involves no downtime, and Summer can maintain the results indefinitely by following up with minor bleaching touch-ups at home that only take 30 minutes each time to do. After teeth whitening, one can experience tooth sensitivity due to dehydration of the teeth, but this can be managed very easily.

Easy Smile Makeover

This for those people who already have an attractive smile, or those who are just finishing braces or Invisalign treatment, or anyone else who just wants their appearance to move up to the next level. Sometimes we see that “something’s not quite right” or that our teeth have become just a little too yellow over time. This simple makeover style gets you ready for the camera, for your graduation, for that critical job interview, or even a first date. It’s easy and inexpensive and it can achieve dramatic results very quickly.

This process has 4 simple steps:

1. Consultation & check tooth shade.
2. Smooth, polish & align any rough or irregular edges that show in the smile.
3. Gentle take-home bleaching to optimize the color of the teeth.
4. Replace any discolored fillings or restorations if required, in the new color

Standard Makeover

This is for those people who already know that their smile is not the best it could be, and that it needs a little help. Perhaps some older bonding is beginning to stain, gaps between the teeth are appearing, or older crowns and fillings seem mismatched or the wrong color. It’s true that we only seem to see our flaws when we look in the mirror, but sometimes, the time comes to actually do something about it!

These makeovers have to be totally customized to each persons’ needs and priorities. When you are ready to improve things, we’ll draw up a customized plan and make it happen. This process starts with a careful consultation and a detailed evaluation that will include necessary x-rays. A comprehensive treatment plan and attention to detail leads to success, step-by-step. Even the temporary crowns that we make can appear to be almost as good as the final product, and they can act as a preview of the new you!

Extreme Makeover

This isn’t the TV show, it’s better! Why? Because fixing a tricky or “extreme” smile is an art form. It’s not making crowns that seem unnatural or way too big or bright so that they look good on camera. Real life isn’t like that, and a mouthful of day-glow white crowns will leave you with regrets. The art of this process is to do it step-by-step, to make it painless and enjoyable, and to create the best possible smile that’s believable.

Our “extreme makeover” patients tell us over and over again that the process changes their lives, and surprisingly that even their closest friends can’t figure out what they had done. They look so much younger and yet so natural, that friends will ask if they are taking a new vitamin or working out more! This highly individualized process starts with a longer consultation and an extremely detailed evaluation and necessary x-rays.

A “next level result” requires a “next level plan”!

After Doing Hundreds Of Makeovers For Many Decades, I Can Tell You These Important Things:

  • Makeovers are an emotional journey:
    When we make successful changes to our smile that make us much more attractive, our confidence improves. This benefits us every waking hour and raises our overall emotional state. Most of our patients are transformed in the process. The truth is that an unattractive smile can influence us in many negative and subconscious ways that we never realize. We have seen this over and over: when you love your smile and feel greater self-confidence, you smile more often. Research shows that when you smile more often, people are attracted to you, and they sense that you are friendly and approachable. As a result, your interpersonal interactions are more frequent and successful. In the greater scheme of things, the cost becomes mostly irrelevant relative to the comfort, confidence, and life-changing value that it can bring to our lives.
  • Makeovers are an art form:
    The dentist who does successful makeovers must have a finely tuned artistic sense and considerable experience. Some of the necessary skills can be acquired with training and practice, but great results are also proportional to each doctors’ inborn level of artistic ability. Color, proportion, symmetry, display and believability must be married to comfort and function. Many of the best cosmetic healthcare practitioners are also accomplished artists in their own right.
  • Makeovers require technical ability, considerable ongoing education, and experience:
    We are all born with different levels of professional technical ability. The best makeovers are the direct result of the providers’ natural talent combined with a commitment to the education that’s needed. As well, years of advanced level experience, endless repetition and an uncompromising quest for excellence can be clearly seen in the final results. The truth is that simple makeovers can be easy for almost anyone to do, and they can achieve good, but average level results. Every level of makeover from the simplest types to the most complex, benefit from a high degree of technical skill, wisdom, judgement, and experience. In some cases, extreme levels of makeover require new approaches to standard dentistry that are far beyond the basic training that is provided during standard education.
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Creating The Hollywood Makeover!
The impression that a smile can make!

This presentation shows Dr. Gardners’ lecture at the Elevate Magazine Event Series “The Face”. An inspirational guest speaker, Dr. Gardner shares his nearly 40 years of experience delivering cosmetic excellence and how a great smile changes the way you feel and the way that people perceive you. He presents an in-depth discussion of cosmetic makeovers and the importance of understanding different treatment approches. Dr. Gardners’ presentation inspires all of us to have what he has called “the million dollar Hollywood smile”.

Smiles That Turned To Testimonials
Find out what the most important people, our patients, think of our services. Our testimonials are taken from actual patient reviews.  We are very proud to have received such positive feedback.

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