Do You Want Straighter Teeth?

You don’t need braces, you want Instant Orthodontics!

Instant Orthodontics in North York.

How is it possible to get Straight Teeth Without Braces? Well, if you have crooked teeth and you don’t want braces, Instant Orthodontics may be right for you.

What is Instant Orthodontics? Think of it as an art form. Instant Orthodontics is quick, permanent and involves no retainers. At your appointment, we conduct a careful analysis of your smile and bite. If you are a good candidate, we can disguise the malposition of certain teeth. How we do it, is an art.

Instant Orthodontics

In summary, if you have teeth sticking out, crooked, a gap, or broken teeth, we can fix that for you.  Your teeth can be much whiter and look fantastic. The good news is, in certain patients, we can now achieve this without braces!

Smiles are important. A smile makes that first impression in love, work and play. Studies show that the opposite sex will instinctively look at our eyes and teeth first. We’ve had salespeople tell us they close more deals because they are more confident in all our social interactions.  We’ve had people who tell us they smile more, because it finally feels right. We had people tell us they got better salaries because people’s perception of them changed for the better.

Humans are hardwired to interpret facial data. If you think bad teeth are negatively impacting your life, we can turn that smile into a Straighter smile.

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An Orthodontic Dentist is a specialist in straightening of the teeth.  Gardner Dental Centre is located at

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Instant Orthodontics

Why Choose Instant Orthodontics?

  • Saves the time of orthodontic treatment (up to 2 years or more)

  • No more large number of repeat visits to the orthodontic office for adjustments and retainers.

  • Do away with the pain, awkwardness and discomfort of braces/Invisalign.

  • Repairs the dental issues that orthodontics does not: dark or yellow colour, broken teeth, old fillings and mismatched crowns, excessive spacing and malformed disproportionate teeth, etc.
    Note that if these issues exist, they still require the time and expense to deal with after full orthodontic treatment.

  • That high cost of orthodontic treatments ($5,000-$8,000+) that can take years to resolve misalignment can be used towards the “Instant Orthodontics”. Imagine   getting your teeth straight in days, not years! Let’s see what we can do for you.

  • The process involves little or no discomfort or inconvenience. In fact, your social life is enhanced! No hiding for two weeks with your temporaries, since you will look amazing!
  • With good hygiene care and follow up basic maintenance that anyone needs normally, the results can last decades.
  • This service applies to almost all ages, but especially to adults who want to look and feel their best but don’t want the inconvenience of braces/Invisalign.
  • Dr. Gardner has almost 40 years experience providing this high end cosmetic service.

Orthodontist in North York
Best Orthodontist in North York
Instant Orthodontists in North York
Orthodontist in North York
Best Orthodontist in North York
Instant Orthodontists in North York

Orthodontics Cosmetic “Tune-Ups”

Instant Orthodontists in North York can help you get that straighter smile!

If you are dreading wearing braces, then maybe we have good news for you.  Today, technology has advanced well enough that some patients may be good candidates for instant orthodontics.

You have choices!

We can’t tell you how much our team LOVES transforming smiles. This is the fun part of dentistry, seeing people brighten up when they see their new smile for the first time. We take pride in the art of making smiles. If you are looking for a smile transformation, you’ve come to the right place! 🙂

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Gardner Dental Centre
North York Medical Arts Building
1333 Sheppard Avenue East – Suite 250
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Instant Orthodontics Involves:

  • Detailed and painless re-shaping of any minor misalignments and irregularities of the teeth that show.

  • Bleaching or extended bleaching to fully optimize the shade of the smile to Hollywood levels. Note that there is absolutely no damage or weakening of the enamel or structure of the teeth when this is done properly.

  • Cosmetic bonding or veneering of any remaining spaces that show in the smile after orthodontic treatment. These gaps and “black holes” can really show up in our photos.

  • Any other related detailing of the smile display: proportion, symmetry, alignment, bite, etc.

  • We can also make removable combination nightguard/retainers to allow the removal of the troublesome and inconvenient bonded wire retainers that are often placed after orthodontic treatment. These wire retainers can be uncomfortable, prevent flossing, and make cleaning and ongoing maintenance extremely difficult. Many of us grind our teeth sometimes, and this device can easily look after two problems all at once!

Call us for all of your cosmetic needs and to book a consultation with Dr. Gardner to get some answers and a game plan to make your teeth look and feel their best!

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