Do Your Teeth Need Straightening?

Don’t want to put up with the time and expense of braces or Invisalign?

Our smile can be one of our most appealing characteristics. Studies show that the opposite sex will instinctively look at our eyes and teeth first. A radiant smile helps us to be confident in all our social interactions, and we end up smiling more often when we know it’s right. When we smile more often, it changes people’s perception of us for the better. We are instinctively regarded by them as more friendly, confident, outgoing and likable.
Makes sense doesn’t it?

Orthodontic straightening of the teeth is best and most conservative when the appearance, size, and color of the teeth are ideal.

But, it can be uncomfortable, take years to do, is always very expensive and can leave pre-existing problems and issues with the teeth themselves still to be addressed after with additional time and expense for this. These issues could be disproportionate tooth size, yellow or excessively dark color, misshapen or broken tooth contours, large discolored restorations, excessive spacing, pre-existing older crowns with incorrect color, position, thickness and/or shape. These are just a few of the possible cosmetic and restorative situations orthodontics can’t correct.

We all want healthy, vibrant, symmetrical and beautiful white teeth to smile with.

Crowns and veneers can correct all or most of these issues in just two appointments that can be just two weeks apart in most cases.
The time required for orthodontics (up to 2 years or more) and the effort needed for orthodontics (countless adjustment appointments) and the expense of orthodontics (often $5,000-$8,000 +) is avoided completely!

If your mouth is healthy and recently cleaned, you may need as little as three appointments to finally have the smile you have always wanted!
First appointment: Assessment, and necessary x-rays Second appointment: Tooth Shaping and Hollywood level temporary crowns/veneers Third appointment (2 weeks later in most cases) Insert final crowns/veneers

Why Choose Instant Orthodontics?

  • Saves the time of orthodontic treatment (up to 2 years or more)

  • Saves the large number of repeat visits to the orthodontic office for adjustments and retainers.

  • Saves the pain, awkwardness and discomfort of braces/Invisalign.

  • Repairs the dental issues that orthodontics does not: dark or yellow colour, broken teeth, old fillings and mismatched crowns, excessive spacing and malformed disproportionate teeth, etc.
    Note that if these issues exist, they still require the time and expense to deal with after full orthodontic treatment.

  • The high cost of orthodontic treatment ($5,000-$8,000+) can instead be used towards the “Instant Orthodontics” cosmetic crown/veneer costs -You get an incredible, almost perfect smile from the very first day that treatment starts and you are provided with your Hollywood style glazed temporaries!

  • The process involves little or no discomfort or inconvenience. In fact, your social life is enhanced! No hiding for two weeks with your temporaries, since you will look amazing!
  • With good hygiene care and follow up basic maintenance that anyone needs normally, the results can last decades.
  • This service applies to almost all ages, but especially to adults who want to look and feel their best but don’t want the inconvenience of braces/Invisalign.
  • Dr. Gardner has almost 40 years experience providing this high end cosmetic service.

Orthodontics Cosmetic “Tune-Ups”

For those young people and adults who have already had orthodontic care, please also note that you can also visit us for a cosmetic “tune-up” anytime after.

This can make the final orthodontic result many times more appealing!

After all of the time, effort and expense of the orthodontic treatment we often see mostly straight teeth, but they still may have some issues that seriously detract from the appeal of the smile and our confidence. These issues often show up in our photographs and internet profiles.

  • Yellow or excessively dark teethtreatment.
  • Misshapen or broken teeth
  • Old fillings

  • Irregular edges

It’s amazing how issues can really be noticed by our friends who may not say anything and in our photos for all to see!

The “tune-up” appointments are often quickly done and achieve incredible results which can dramatically enhance the orthodontic results many times over.

They often involve:

  • Detailed and painless re-shaping of any minor misalignments and irregularities of the teeth that show.

  • Bleaching or extended bleaching to fully optimize the shade of the smile to Hollywood levels. Note that there is absolutely no damage or weakening of the enamel or structure of the teeth when this is done properly.

  • Cosmetic bonding or veneering of any remaining spaces that show in the smile after orthodontic treatment. These gaps and “black holes” can really show up in our photos.

  • Any other related detailing of the smile display: proportion, symmetry, alignment, bite, etc.

  • We can also make removable combination nightguard/retainers to allow the removal of the troublesome and inconvenient bonded wire retainers that are often placed after orthodontic treatment. These wire retainers can be uncomfortable, prevent flossing, and make cleaning and ongoing maintenance extremely difficult. Many of us grind our teeth sometimes, and this device can easily look after two problems all at once!

Call us for all of your cosmetic needs and to book a consultation with Dr. Gardner to get some answers and a game plan to make your teeth look and feel their best!

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