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Teeth Whitening is the easiest and fastest way to dramatically improve your smile. As you know, humans subconsciously judge teeth. Studies have shown consistently that people form first impressions of us (especially the opposite sex) by looking at our eyes and our teeth before everything else! It’s as if we’re “hotwired” to do this instinctually.  If you think this may be negatively impacting your life, bleaching your teeth is the easiest makeover strategy you can do to make an immediate impact in your social and professional life! It’s also one of the most effective and economical ways to achieve the biggest positive change in your smile.

The good news is studies have shown that tooth bleaching causes no structural damage whatsoever!  Not to the enamel of our teeth or to the integrity or decay resistance of our teeth. It’s a simple process to get the results you want.

Step 1: We supply you the  peroxide gel.  [Peroxide gel has been used to safely change the color of teeth for over 100 years!]

Step 2: We custom bleaching trays for you.

Step 3: Use as directed!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this different then Crest White Strips?

Basic results can be achieved with a product as economical as Crest White strips, but when custom bleaching is initiated and supervised by our office, the results can be HUGE! You will get better results from a professional teeth whitening service like ours versus what you would normally get from over the counter products.

Does it Hurt?

NO! There is no drilling involved. It begins with simple impressions which are taken by Dr. Gardner. Extremely accurate vacuum formed bleaching trays are made from these impressions and then these are checked for the accuracy of the fit over your teeth to ensure that the bleach goes exactly where we want it to show the most. This attention to detail allows for stronger bleach to be used than the simple White strips products since we can keep the bleach away from the gums and it only goes on the enamel of the teeth.

How do I get started?

Easy. Simply Book an Appointment Online and Get Started ASAP!

Teeth Bleaching Instructions For Best Results

  • Please brush and floss your teeth so they are super clean.

  • Apply the bleach as demonstrated to the inside surfaces of the bleaching trays from the front biting edge up the inside front of each tooth to about 1-2 mm short of the upper edge at the gun.

  • Load the upper tray and lower tray with bleach and insert carefully into the mouth.

  • Roll the lips from side to side to cause the bleach to coat the teeth evenly.

  • Start a timer of one hour and keep yourself busy and distracted.

  • Don’t bleach longer than an hour (no advantage).  Don’t eat or drink when you are bleaching.

  • Remove upper and lower trays after 1 hour and brush away the bleach residue from your teeth with Warm Water (no toothpaste), and from your bleaching trays with cold water (to prevent distortion).

  • Leave the trays out on the bathroom counter to air dry.  Note that pets love to chew these.

  • Once the syringe of bleach is empty, throw it out and start the next one.  On average, 3/4 of one syringe will treat a full upper and lower arch.  Some people have larger/smaller mouths and will use more or less.

  • Continue daily bleaching until satisfied with the colour.

Answering Your Questions on How to Get Whiter Teeth

  • You can bleach up to twice a day to fast track results: AM and PM.

  • If you get tooth sensitivity this is simply due to dehydration of the tooth surface and is entirely reversible.  Simply stop bleaching for 2-4 days and then resume the process.

  • Purchase more bleach if you want an even brighter smile. Continue the process until desired result.  The product does not cause any damage whatsoever to enamel so you can bleach as much as you wish.

  • You may see a “streaky” appearance to the  enamel when you first remove the bleaching trays and “white spots” on the gums.  These disappear in 10-15 minutes.  Any white spots on the gums indicated that the bleach was in contact with the gums. Do try to avoid this by not over-filling the trays in those areas.

  • In the future, you can “touch-up” the result and maintain the color correction by bleaching again for 1-4 days once a day 1 hour.  You can do this 2-3 times each year whenever you wish to.  This is best done right after dental cleanings at our office or before social events where you want to look your best.

Results from teeth whitening can show up after the first few treatments that you do at home. Cosmetic bleaching is especially effective when used on teeth that are dull in appearance or yellow. It works for smokers, red wine drinkers, coffee drinkers and may quite literally turn back the hands of the clock on that smile of yours! So why not restore your look to a more natural, youthful & vibrant appearance! CLICK HERE TO Schedule Your Appointment! Map It!

  • You can trust us! We have over 40 years’ experience with almost every aspect of Cosmetic Dentistry and especially with bleaching.

  • We make smile makeovers! Why not start your personal transformation to the new brighter you, today?

  • It’s easy! Follow the guidelines.  Proper application of the bleach and an understanding of the details to do this properly makes all the difference.  You too can have incredible success. Imagine the difference!

  • Already bleaching? Need a  “touch up”?  Not a problem. Schedule a follow up!  We have included detailed instructions on this website as a resource for you, but you may still need a professional to make sure all is A-OKAY!

  • Please click below for a printable PDF of Cosmetic Bleaching Instructions.

  • Call us anytime at  416 494 7412 !  Your cosmetic transformation awaits you and you’ll be all smiles!

  • Don’t like your teeth? No worries, have a look at our Hollywood Smile Makeovers!

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